Nominations for the election of Board of Trustees (BoT) members opened

Official representatives of Full Institutional Members may make nominations for the vacant Bot Member positions and Full Individual Members may make nominations for the Full Individual Member position. When voting opens, representatives and Full Individual Members may vote for the nominees in their respective membership categories. Nominations can only be made by filling out the application form

Judge bars University of California from all use of SAT, ACT scores in admissions

The University of California, which has already stopped requiring applicants to take the SAT or ACT, must go further and prohibit campuses from allowing prospective students to submit their scores, a judge ruled Tuesday in a victory for students with disabilities.The UC regents voted in May to drop the Scholastic Aptitude Test and American College Testing exam as admissions requirements, in response to complaints by low-income, minority and disabled students that the standardized tests were unfair to applicants who could not afford preparation classes and tutors, or whose first language was not English. Source: San Fransico

Swedish university exam unlikely to go ahead at all this year

It is looking increasingly unlikely that ‘högskoleprovet’ – an exam used by thousands of students every year as a way to enter Swedish university will go ahead – despite a government U-turn.The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT, or högskoleprovet) is normally held twice a year, but was cancelled in spring and then later in autumn due to the coronavirus pandemic. But after pressure from opposition parties, the government last week said it would pave the way for the test to take place on its usual date in October in a limited format, open only to people who had not previously…

England’s exam results fiasco has exposed its flawed education system

There is nothing a politician fears more than the organised public wrath of a group of articulate parents, headteachers and the ex-chief inspector of schools. The approaching furore over A-level and GCSE results, when up to 40% of teacher predictions in England are likely to be downgraded, suggests we have a long, hot summer of complaint, campaigns, appeals or even judicial reviews ahead. The Scottish government’s decision yesterday to review its now publicly repudiated system for allocating exam grades, very similar to that used in England, only adds to the mounting pressure on the government. Source: The Guardian

The beginning of the end of our obsession with standardized tests

America has been obsessed with student standardized tests for nearly 20 years. Now it looks like the country is at the beginning of the end of our high-stakes testing mania — both for K-12 “accountability” purposes and in college admissions. Source: The Washington Post

Without English testing, study abroad cannot resume

On 26 May, for the fifth consecutive month, the Chinese National Education Examinations Authority and the British Council announced the cancellation of IELTS tests scheduled for June. Prospective international students frequent the IELTS website to snatch bookings only to be advised of yet another cancellation.IELTS is not alone. Between February and May, international English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, GRE, PTE and GMAT were all suspended in mainland China in the ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19. Source:

Exams are fundamentally flawed – let’s try something new

Increasing numbers of qualifications are offered in a format that would be familiar to anyone who has participated in organisations such as Scouts, Guides or Boys’ Brigade: badges. These are awarded to participants who can demonstrate that they have met criteria clearly defined by the overseeing body – an approach that has been adapted and developed since 2011 by the Mozilla Foundation Open Badges platform. Source: Times Educational Supplement