Assessment Using Mobile Phone – An Exploratory Study

An assessment task typically comprises a stimulus posed by the assessor with the purpose of eliciting a response from the examinee. Traditionally, both stimulus and response are written on paper. More recently, non-print platforms such as computers have been used in presenting the stimulus and response. The increasing use of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones and PDAs has now prompted studies on the use of these mobile devices in assessment. The use of mobile phones has increased tremendously in the past decade in Singapore and around the world. Hence, it is timely to conduct an exploratory study to gain first-hand knowledge on the use of this medium in assessment. The study aims to determine factors to consider in designing an assessment system using mobile phone and find out if it is technically feasible. A prototype was developed and an internal trial conducted. The paper reports on the findings of the trial, flashes out problems encountered and discusses potential gains and shortfalls of such a system.


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